How to be an online casino dealer

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October 27, 2021
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October 27, 2021

What makes a good dealer the best?

You can’t just walk into a casino and become a dealer. Candidates for the position of croupier undergo a long apprenticeship, thoroughly learn the rules of the game, sharpen their technique, and learn how to work with customers. Only after that are they allowed into the gambling hall. But how to become not just a good professional, but the best dealer in the casino, for example popular australian casino? Without what qualities it is difficult to master this profession?

Bright lights, smiles, chips, roulette, games, machines, scurrying waiters, beauty!

It’s all the epitome of any casino. But the game is never so rosy for the establishment’s regulars. Some win, others lose all their money. And who’s to blame for all the sins? That’s right, the smiling and polite dealer.

He gets so many insults and unflattering words during his shift that he wants to send everyone to a known address and run away. But an excellent dealer always allows himself to be used as a lightning rod.

Let the client rage, shout, accuse. Tomorrow he’ll cool down, come back with an apology. The person doesn’t think it was the dealer who cheated him and deprived him of all his bets, but at the moment it’s necessary to yell at someone. That’s why real professionals don’t take offense, don’t react and certainly don’t respond to insults, but often simply work at online casinos such as Fresh Casino. A stamina of iron!

They say that a croupier is an animated generator of randomness

That’s the way it should be. No emotion, no pretension. A dealer who is genuinely happy to lose a client, or who is openly begging for a tip, is disgusting to watch. The casino employee in this case is a machine who helps in the game.

Their feelings and facial expressions are best kept to themselves. In addition, excellent dealers never have the urge to gamble. They don’t want to swap places with casino regulars, make a bet and feel like a cranky customer.

Yes, an excellent employee will by no means collude with the visitors in the hope of cheating the establishment itself.

But a dealer must be able to recognize a cheat by sight. The manner of play, the suspicious activity, the use of illegal tricks.

All of this does not escape the eye of an experienced dealer, who will either stop the cheating himself or invite a colleague to the room. The best croupiers are versatile and easy to move from one game to another, not afraid to embarrass themselves in front of customers and are constantly sharpening their professional skills. If you add to this a neat appearance and a sincere smile, you can get the image of the ideal dealer, who will be welcome in any casino customers and owners of the institution. Good luck!

Features of the croupier profession

A poker croupier is required to have the skills of a poker player. In addition:

  • A high level of learning ability;
  • A high level of distribution and attention span;
  • A good speed of mathematical calculation in mind;
  • a high level of stress tolerance;
  • restraint in feelings and emotions;
  • competent speech with impeccable diction;
  • Proficiency in the native language and a foreign language (at best, spoken English).

In addition to these skills, a croupier should be an attractive and even charming person (regardless of gender and nationality). Young people who have made a conscious decision to try out the role of a croupier can already turn to the sun of Egypt 2 demo. Today, online casinos offer decent wages (up to $400 a month in some casinos).

Skills needed in the process

It would not be out of place for a croupier to be interested and involved in the game and be able to communicate with players appropriately using casino terms and find a common language with them. Facial expressions and gestures should be appropriate to the particular situation, without in any way betraying the player’s inner attitude (that is, tolerance).

Each profession has its pros and cons. The disadvantages of a profession for some may be:

  • Monotony and monotony in the course of the working day (although it pays well);
  • Shift work hours (most people are happy with this, you can fit your personal, family life easily into this schedule);
  • Unfortunately, a good position in a good gambling hall may not always be available (although, according to recent reports, casinos need competent croupiers) — it is not bad to be a croupier in an online casino: the “live” game is gaining momentum, the “live” dealer is not a novelty.

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