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Developing a casino website is a complex process. It involves a lot of nuances specific to this area. In order to create a successful web casino site such as requires the participation of more than one developer. Therefore, the standard scheme of “download the template — configure — install it on a hosting site” does not always work. Tell us what to do casino online, what functions should be the site and how much it will cost.

Create a turnkey online casino or turnkey solution?

These are three universal development options. The first involves obtaining a fully autonomous product, the second — the purchase of a ready-made sub-license, the third — to develop a site based on a ready-made script. Let’s consider them in detail.

Turnkey casino

Online casino development is to write the “skeleton” site, as well as creating and configuring the necessary tools that provide the basic functions of the project. The site itself will cost from $20 thousand. If you decide together with the portal to develop unique software, the cost will range from $300 thousand — 1 million. Among the advantages:

  • Full control of the source code;
  • control of the gameplay and applications;
  • No additional costs in the process.

Sub-licensed casinos

By buying a franchise or choosing any other ready-made option, the casino owner gets rid of the long and complicated process of creating a website. Usually, it is enough to register a domain, rent hosting, and ready-made website templates for customization are provided by the franchisor. This greatly reduces the cost of launching: a sublicense will cost $15 — 60 thousand. Other advantages:

  • Site development and updates are taken care of by the license holder;
  • The programs are well-known and have repeatedly tested in the field;
  • No need to keep your own support service.

But the franchisee has to promote someone else’s brand, pay a monthly interest on income (on average 7-15%) or buy a one-time, but expensive license. In addition, he can not fully manage the gameplay and develop the project.

Casino script

CMS for online casino is almost the most inexpensive and easy way to open a gaming website. Essentially, it is a ready-made platform that just needs to be integrated into the site and configured.

The solution is good, but only in one case – if the script is developed by a responsible company, distributed for a fee and with certain conditions (support, software updates, etc.).

You should not trust free scripts for two good reasons:

A free product is in most cases raw. It needs to be improved and, consequently, you have to pay for the services of developers. It is cheaper and faster to buy a quality author’s product.

There is a risk that the free platform has built-in spyware that will steal and transmit data (including customer payment information).

What is the minimum functionality needed for an online casino website

Initiate the creation of an online casino site with a clear idea of the end result. There are several basic criteria for the successful operation of online gambling projects:

Attractive design without platitudes

Even if you decide to create a website based on a ready-made franchise template or script, the design must be unique. It is better to link it with the style of the gambling establishment. It is worth abandoning the template solutions: “beauties”, “suitcases with dollars”, etc. They are used by 8 out of 10 casinos.

A reliable CRM system

It will be a single base for managing all the content on the site, storing and processing client data, customer support, etc.

Multiple language support

Online casinos are initially positioned as international projects. It is difficult to compete and operate profitably within a single country.

Convenient clients’s personal cabinet

Simple operation, clear functionality is welcomed.

Bonus and rewards system, affiliate program

Almost mandatory elements to promote the modern gambling project.

In more detail, the casino site must include a system for managing players and challenges, a system of administrative management of games and affiliates, security systems and payment, incentives and bonuses. It should also be possible to support the site with multiple administrators. A convenient notification mechanism for registered players would also be helpful.

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